What we say

Our evaluate teams encourage the examination of choices and consequences within the area of sex and relationships.

Whilst communicating that sex is precious and to be valued, we promote the ideal of delaying sexual experience until a loving, committed and stable relationship, ideally marriage.

As faithfulness and respect are also vital aspects for our holistic wellbeing when it comes to relationships, we would therefore advocate that a positive and healthy life choice would ideally be choosing to save sex for a context where these values are well established between the couple.

Educator talking with students

In support of government guidelines for SRE provision, evaluate teams offer a safe environment to allow for the examination of the following key areas:

  • Building esteem and respect for self and others
  • Recognising and evaluating media influences and peer pressure
  • Drugs and alcohol and their effect on decision-making
  • Relationships, commitment and examining the benefits of delaying sex
  • Puberty, contraception, pregnancy, STIs, HIV & AIDS 
  • Challenging attitudes and prejudices
  • Developing life skills to enable healthy and well-informed decision making 

Underpinning all evaluate sessions lies the premise that each person is a unique and valuable individual with the ability to make positive and informed decisions with regards to sex and relationships. We aim to provide the tools to enable and equip young people to do just this.

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