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Quiz 1: Sex:\How Safe?     

Quiz 2: Just the One! STIs     

Quiz 3: Just the One! contraception  

Quiz 4: Just the One! condoms  





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You may have seen an evaluate session and could do with some more detailed information on the tricky topic of STIs, read up here... 





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It’s not always easy to ask for help, but be reassured there are people willing and available to chat to you and  they are more than qualified to answer your questions.  If you need some advice or someone to turn to, check out the links below… 

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To offer information anonymously regarding any crime or criminal activity:


Call: 0800 555 111


Drugs & Alcohol Information Helpline:

Talk to Frank

Call: 0300 123 6600


Child Protection Helpline:


(Sex & sexual health, contraception, puberty, bullying, self-harm, how you look, sexual orientation, relationships, family life, crime, racism, peer pressure, smoking, drugs & alcohol, online safety, money worries and other life issues).

Call: 0800 1111



(Sexual, physical, emotional and domestic abuse, neglect, bullying & cyberbullying, child trafficking, grooming, healthy sexual behaviour, online safety, self-harm, sexting, safety at home and away from home).

Call: 0800 1111


Child Expolitation and Online Protection:



Pregnancy & Abortion Counselling & Support:


Call: 0300 4000 999  




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