Quiz 2

Just the one! - STIs


STIs chance 

Sexually Transmitted Infections

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  1. Some STIs can be caught from towels

    True. For STIs caused by parasites.  For example, pubic lice can be picked up from someone's towels, clothing or bedding.
  2. All STI's (apart from HIV) can be cured at an STI clinic


  3. People have to sleep around to get an STI


  4. Condoms are effective at preventing STIs

    True. But not all, as they do not cover a large enough area of the body in some cases e.g. genital warts.

  5. Most STIs occur in the under 15s

    False. The highest rates are among 15-19 year olds.

  6. An early treatment suggested for STIs was pumping salt water mixed with urine into the penis


  7. For women, bleeding between periods can be a sign of an STI


  8. If a man does not cum (ejaculate) he will not infect the person he has sex with


  9. People can give a false name and age when going to an STI clinic


  10. Gonorrhoea is the most common STI in the UK

    False. Clamydia is the most common STI in the UK.
  11. Once someone has had an STI and has been treated, they can't get it again


  12. Most STIs go away without treatment, if people wait long enough