Quiz 4

Just the one! - Condoms


Condom packets


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  1. What are condoms made of?

    Latex rubber or polyurethane

  2. What should you check for on a packet of condoms?

    Expiry date, BSI Kite Mark and European CE mark. Packet intact

  3. Where should condoms be kept?

    Cool dry place, out of direct sunlight

  4. When should the condom be put on?

    Once penis is erect but before any genital contact

  5. How many times can a condom be used?

    Only once!

  6. Does using two condoms at a time make them stronger or safer?

    No, more likely to split because more friction

  7. What type of lubricant can be used with a condom?

    Water-based lubricants such as KY Jelly NOT oil-based lubricants, eg baby oil, vaseline as weaken the latex

  8. How should a condom be disposed of?

    Wrap in a paper tissue and put in a bin NOT down the toilet! 

  9. Are condoms containing spermicide better?

    No, because spermicide on condoms (nonoxynol) can irritate the vaginal wall and encourage infection so there's a higher risk of STI's

  10. What should be considered if a condom splits?

    Emergency contraception and testing for STIs