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The evaluate project exists to enhance and support government guidelines for SRE provision through bringing a fresh and dynamic approach to sex and relationship education.

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Classroom of students 

Our current presentations include:  

Time to Grow - Year 4 (8-9s)
Sensitively explains the emotional and physical changes during puberty, how babies are made and foetal development within the understanding that each child is a unique and precious individual.


All about You - Years 5 (9-10s)
Focuses on the children’s worth as unique and valuable individuals and covers growing up and aspirations, puberty, influences on decisions, peer pressure, friendship and family.


It's your Life - Year 6 (10-11s)
Covers a wide range of choices and encourages students to evaluate what they see and hear on television and in films, as well as building their self-esteem and assertiveness.


Time to Choose - Year  7 (11-12s)
This session is about making good choices. It contains optional sections which the school can select according to what they feel is relevant to the student's needs; (the options include smoking, solvents, alcohol & sex, online safety, sexting & pornography).


Sex:\How Safe? - Year 8 (12-13s)
Looks at media pressure and the message behind popular music, magazines and advertising, as well as considering risk-taking behaviour, teenage pregnancy and contraception.  


Just The One - Year 9 (13-14s) 
Builds on the previous presentations and adds information on pregnancy options, the father’s rights and responsibilities, STIs and contraception. 


seXploited - Year 10 (14-15s)
A brand new session warning about grooming for sexual exploitation.


seXplicit - Year 11 (15-16s)
Another new session warning about the effects of pornography on young people's view of sex and relationships.


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