Our most popular frequently asked questions...


1. Can I use evaluate material and resources without having received the evaluate training?

No, evaluate is a licensed programme accessible only to teams of evaluate-trained volunteers to deliver in their local schools. 

It is not available for purchase and is under copyright so also may not be adapted.


2. How do I find out more about the content of the evaluate presentations? 

What age group are you interested in? Send us an enquiry via our website and once we know this we can send you the relevant presentation outline: http://www.evaluate.org.uk/contact


3. I am not currently part of an evaluate team and there is no existing team in my area, can I still do the evaluate training?

Yes you can, although you will not be permitted to use the material until you have at least one other evaluate-trained person (ideally two or more) to work with.


4. What is the minimum number of people needed to start a new evaluate team?

You will need at least two people to start an evaluate team but ideally three or more. 


5. I am a teacher, but can see from the website that there is not currently an evaluate team in my area. Can I get a team from another area into my school?

Whilst some evaluate teams might be prepared to travel it is unlikely as the existing team locations are quite spread out. It is always worth asking but you might want to consider recruiting a team (at least two people, ideally three or more) in your area.  There is also the possibility for your school to have access to the evaluate material as long as the staff members delivering the presentations has been evaluate-trained.


6. If I became part of an evaluate team, what kind of time commitment is required to carry out the work in schools?

How much you do is entirely up to your team. Some evaluate teams do nearly full time hours, whilst others do just a few sessions in a couple of schools per year.

It goes without saying that the more presentations a team do, the more successful they become. Historically we have seen a snowball effect where teams who gather lots of experience due to presenting frequently start to become very sought after by all the other different schools in the area.


7.  I'd like more information about the evaluate training. What is the time commitment if I were to take part and what would it involve?

The training is usually residential and runs over two nights, for example you might arrive 4pm on a Monday and finish - 4pm on a Wednesday.  We can run a non-residential course local to your area if you can gather a minimum of 8 people to complete the training and make it viable.

There is an outline of what is involved in the evaluate training course on our website. Check out 'What does the training involve?' when you visit http://www.evaluate.org.uk/teams/get-involved. 


8. Does evaluate operate outside of Great Britain?

Not at the moment, currently just in England, Scotland and Wales.


9. Does evaluate operate in Ireland?

No as there is already a very good programme called Love for Life, Northern Ireland already active. Check out their website for more information www.loveforlife.org.uk.


10. I'd like to volunteer, what do I need to do next?

The next step is to book into the next available evaluate residential training course. You can do this via our contact form on the website: http://www.evaluate.org.uk/contact

Alternatively you can send us an email ( info@evaluate.org.uk ) letting us know of your interest. Once we receive your request you will be sent an application form containing more details.

If you can gather a big enough team in your area of 8 people or more, we will arrange a training course where you are.