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Train to be an evaluate educator?


Why is the work of evaluate so vital?

Statistics remind us that there is a desperate need in the UK among young people for accurate and reliable information – so they can make informed choices about sex and how to resist peer and media influenced pressures. 

In Europe, the UK has the highest rates of…

  • teenage pregnancies
  • STIs
  • teenage binge drinking

At evaluate we are passionate about equipping young people with the self-esteem and knowledge they need to make these intelligent decisions but we rely on the kindness of volunteers to give up their time and get into schools. We need your help!


So how can I help?

1.  If you would like to give to the work of evaluate please get in touch by calling CARE on: 020 7233 0455.

2.  You can apply to be a volunteer evaluate educator for your local area. At present evaluate is in a transition stage so no training conferences are planned.  Please email if you are interested in knowing future dates and we will let you know when something has been arranged.

To see if there’s already an evaluate team in your area Find a team near you