Annalise, evaluate Educator - 16 July 2014

"Last academic year I got to tell 6,100 young people that they are amazing.  Who gets to do that? Delivering the evaluate presentations, for me, is an absolute privilege."

Student, Year 9, Yarm School, Tees Valley - 13 June 2014

'I thought the 'Sex:\How Safe?' session was really good because it was clearly spoken and the people were very understanding. It explained things I didn't know and was entertaining."

Dr Louise Parkin, General Practitioner, Bournemouth - 09 April 2014

"One of the great strengths of evaluate is that the information presented is clear, medically accurate and up-to- date. It encourages young people to take responsibility for their own decisions, whilst fully outlining the possible consequences of choices made now in the area of relationships and sex."

Student, Year 10, Rye Hills, Egglescliffe - 01 April 2014

"The evaluate session taught me to that it's okay to wait (to have sex), and to wait is better than to rush."

Student, Year 10, Ian Ramsey School, Tees Valley - 06 March 2014

"I enjoyed the session because it was explained very well and made me think about my choices. It made me realise some of the consequences."

Student, aged 11, Royal Ballet School - 07 February 2014

"I learned that everyone is unique and special, extraordinary and different.  I found this very interesting and I felt I did learn something important.  We did have some jokes and we did learn quite a lot too, so I think everyone had fun but also learnt something new or something more.  They gave us brilliant advice and a great way to overcome temptations.  I did honestly think this PSHE was amazing".

Sarah, evaluate Educator - 03 February 2014

"Being an evaluate educator has given me the tools and opportunity to really help make a positive difference in young people's lives." 

Teacher, Fearnhill School, Letchworth - 30 January 2014

"I saw this session, (Sex:\How Safe?), used with two differently motivated groups.  They were both very well "held" by the material presented.  The students were interested and showed that the topics were important to them, some even argued that the topics were more important than much of their other work.  The correct tone was used. Excellent."

Teacher, Manor College of Technology, Hartlepool - 20 January 2014

"Good facts, the resources worked well and the pupils were very much engaged. The team spoke with great confidence about a difficult subject and are great at making the pupils feel comfortable."

Mike, evaluate Educator - 13 December 2013

"I love the Evaluate programme because of its emphasis on the unique value of each individual pupil and its encouragement for teenagers to regard sex as special.  It shows them respect by not assuming that they are bound to engage in early and promiscuous sex but treating them as capable of choosing to save sex for a committed relationship, ideally marriage."